Sunday, February 21, 2016

French Angora Fleeces for Sale


I currently have some beautiful angora fleeces from my French Angora rabbits that I am offering for sale.  All the fleeces were heavily sorted (unless specified otherwise) and should be very clean with minimal webbing, second cuts, or felting.  The fleeces are very suitable for spinning as is, blending with other fibers, or using for wet or needle felting projects.  Angora fiber is very lightweight compared to other animal fibers and it goes a long way in a project.  The fibers spin well in a variety of yarn weights and can be spun on a drop spindle or wheel with ease.  Please consider all weights approximate as we do not have a certified scale.  I did my best to try to match the colors in the photos to the true colors of the fleeces but there may be slight variances.  All prices include shipping within the United States.   

Blue Fleece - 2 ounces, Price:  $20 shipped - SOLD
Fleece color:  Blue (dark bluish gray tips fading to a lighter gray-blue)
Type:  Clipped
Staple Length:  approximately 2-3”
Weight:  approx. 2 ounces/57 grams

This fleece is the baby coat of my current buck, Campanula.  The fleece is heavily crimped and silky smooth with minimal guard hairs as it is a baby coat.  Good length and color for a baby fleece.  I am offering the fleece as is so there may be some shorter staple length of wool in it but most averages 2-3”.  Although this fleece could be spun by itself, I would recommend blending it since it is shorter length (unless you have previous experience spinning shorter fleeces). 

Chestnut Fleece – 0.9 ounces, Price:  $11 shipped - SOLD
Fleece color:  Chestnut (brownish blue tips fading to a grayish-white)
Type:  Clipped
Staple Length:  approximately 2.5-3.5”
Weight:  0.9 ounces/26 grams

This fleece is a younger coat from my French Angora doe, Mouse.  It is silky soft, well crimped, and spins beautifully.  There are minimal guard hairs in it so if you prefer less guard hairs then this fleece would be ideal for you.  Heavily sorted and any seconds are removed.  Would be wonderful spun as is or blended with another fiber. 

Broken Black Fleece – 1.7 ounces, Price:  $19 shipped
Fleece color:  black and white (pure white sections of fleece and black tipped sections fading to dark gray)
Type:  Clipped
Staple Length:  approximately 3-4”
Weight:  1.7 ounces/49 grams

This fleece came from Reflection, a gorgeous black and white (spotted) angora doe I had.  The color and texture of this fleece is amazing.  There are “black” and white sections to the coat which could be separated and spun separately or both colors could be blended for a lovely variegated yarn.  There are more guard hairs in this fleece but if desired, they could easily be removed by grasping the guard hairs and pulling them out gently while holding onto the bottom portion of the fleece staple.  Heavily sorted so there are minimal seconds in it.  This fleece would be very nice spun as is or blended with another fiber.  

If you have any questions or are interested in a fleece please send me an emailAt this point I can only accept checks or money order on fleeces that require shipping.  Thank you for your interest!   

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

New Facebook Page

Remember my previous post where I mentioned that there was a surprise which I was going to announce?  This is it!  

Earlier this month we created a Facebook page for our rabbitry.  We have been raising rabbits for quite a few years now but it was only this year that we decided to try something new and create a social media outlet for our rabbitry.  We have previously been using our website and this blog as the primary means of keeping people up to date on farm occurrences but we realized that Facebook is the place where many people come to follow and connect with little businesses like ours.  And besides, who doesn’t like seeing adorable pictures of baby bunnies in their news feed?   

Our website will continue to remain as the main source of information for breeding stock, sale rabbits, and growing litters.  We will be using our Facebook page to post occasional updates, pictures of our rabbits, and anything that doesn’t quite fit in our website formatting (like all those funny rabbit pictures that don’t have a place!).  We hope this addition to our business will help past, present, and future customers better connect with us as we work to promote and better our breeds.   

I invite anyone interested in our rabbitry to stop by and “like” our page!  Thank you all for your support over the years and for making our hobby a success!  We appreciate your enthusiasm, dedication, and interest in our breeds and hope to continue helping others establish their own line of winners.      


Friday, January 8, 2016

Happy 2016!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and a happy New Year!  It is hard to believe that the year 2016 is already here; last year just seemed to have flown by.  I hope the 2016 season is even better than last year!

Things are swinging into full gear here at the rabbitry.  We have had quite a few litters of Lionheads born as well as mothers expecting so we should have a variety of show prospects for the year.  I also have begun breeding my French Angoras again so I am looking forward to having some fresh litters born on the farm. 

We will have an exciting announcement to make in a few days!  Please check out the blog soon to read about the addition we decided to pursue for the 2016 season.  Here are a few photos we captured from a photoshoot we did in preparation for the surprise.  Pictured are Blossom Acres' Midnight Mystique (broken black French Angora), Blossom Acres' Silhouette (black Lionhead), and one of our tort Lionhead babies.  


 I hope you all have a wonderful show season this year and get rewarded with some beautiful litters!  Please stay tuned for our announcement!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Our Third-Generation Grand Champion!

I am very happy to introduce our first third-generation Grand Champion Lionhead, Grand Champion Blossom Acres' River Rapids!

River Rapids was born in January of 2015 in a litter with a blue little brother and a REW big sister.  His mom is WeeOne's Cocoa and his dad is Grand Champion Blossom Acres' Arcturus.  His paternal grandfather is Grand Champion Blossom Acres' Midnight Blizzard, making him a third generation Grand Champion.  He also has Grand Champion Blossom Acres' Ice Storm as an uncle.
 Watch him grow! 

River Rapids not only is a Grand Champion with 5 GC Legs and counting, but he is also a Reserve in Show all-breed show winner and the 2015 NALRC Lionhead National show Best Opposite Sex of Breed winner!  He also won Best White Fur at Nationals in addition to many Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex of Breed wins at local shows. 

Here he is with his 2015 Lionhead National Show wins:
He already has sired his first litter and I look forward to seeing the next winners that he produces.  I have no doubt that he will be the sire of a fourth generation Grand Champion in the future! 

Have a happy New Year everybody!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

First Snow!

Our first real snow did not disappoint!  Our farm is beautiful today and I wanted to share some pictures.  These were taken when we had about 4 inches on the ground and by the end of the day, we had over a foot. 

Have a great week everybody and stay warm! 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Introducing Our Latest Grand Champion!

I am pleased to announce our latest official Grand Champion, Blossom Acres' Ice Storm!

Ice Storm was super cute as a baby with a ton of personality.  Unfortunately, he broke a toenail at a young age which appeared to have ended the promising show career that he had ahead of him.  Thankfully, it grew back, and he and his brother, Grand Champion Blossom Acres' Arcturus, were hard to beat.  The judges loved the two matching brothers and it was always a guess which one would place higher.  

Watch him grow!

Ice Storm's sire is Grand Champion Blossom Acres' Midnight Blizzard and his dam is Blossom Acres' Milky Way.  I am excited to add him to the family line of Grand Champions and can't wait to see the next winners that he produces.

Have a great week everybody!